Acne Treatments

Address stubborn acne at ATIK Medical Aesthetics with our personalized acne treatment. Our dedicated team uses medical-grade products for deep cleansing and exfoliation, aiming to both resolve current breakouts and shield your skin from future ones.


6 Weeks

Procedure Time

30 Minutes


Up to 6 months


12-24 Hours


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Personalized Acne Treatments at ATIK

Thorough Cleansing and Exfoliation
ATIK Medical Aesthetics’ acne treatment employs medical-grade products for deep cleansing and exfoliation, targeting current breakouts and promoting clear skin.
Future Breakout Prevention
Our dedicated approach not only addresses existing acne but also aims to shield your skin from future breakouts, providing long-term protection.
Tailored Solutions
Benefit from a personalized acne treatment at ATIK, where our team adopts a comprehensive approach to address your unique skin concerns for effective and lasting results.

Our Procedure

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Embark on your acne treatment journey at ATIK Medical Aesthetics with a detailed consultation. Our skilled skin specialists analyze your skin’s history, address concerns, and craft a custom treatment regimen tailored exclusively for you.
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Step 2


Prepare for your acne treatment session at ATIK Medical Aesthetics with guided steps for optimal results. This may involve removing makeup and avoiding specific substances, ensuring your skin is primed for a smooth canvas and effective outcomes.
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Step 3


At ATIK Medical Aesthetics, our adept practitioners apply specialized treatments, such as chemical peels and skin boosters, meticulously tailored to clear active acne and address scarring. Each procedure is chosen and performed with precision to cater to your skin’s individual needs, ensuring maximum efficacy.
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ATIK Medical Aesthetics offers simple aftercare instructions for a swift and effective recovery. With minimal downtime, our post-treatment care enhances result longevity, enabling you to promptly resume your daily routine with renewed confidence in your clearer, healthier-looking skin.
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Dermalux Techniques

Comprehensive Skin Assessment

Our acne treatment at ATIK Medical Aesthetics begins with a thorough skin assessment to understand the root cause, allowing for a targeted and effective approach.

Medical-Grade Products

Employing specialized medical-grade products, our practitioners deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin, addressing current breakouts and promoting skin health.

Preventive Strategies

Beyond treating existing acne, our dedicated team implements strategies to prevent future breakouts, offering a comprehensive solution for long-term skin clarity.

See The Results

ATIK Medical Aesthetics’ Acne Treatment is comprehensive, targeting breakouts, scarring, and overall skin health. Our blend of advanced treatments and medical-grade products promotes clearer, resilient skin with long-term improvements lasting up to six months.
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