CO2 Laser

CO2 laser treatments, also known as fractional or ablative laser therapy, involve using a carbon dioxide laser to target and treat various skin concerns. The laser creates microscopic channels in the skin, promoting collagen production and accelerating the skin’s natural healing process.


2 Weeks

Procedure Time

120 Minutes


1 Time


Up to 12 months


No Downtime


From £1250


CO2 Laser


CO2 Laser Treatment at ATIK Medical Aesthetics

Collagen Stimulation
CO2 laser treatments stimulate collagen production, promoting skin elasticity and firmness for a rejuvenated appearance.
Wrinkle Reduction
The procedure effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines, smoothing out the skin’s texture and addressing signs of aging.
Pigmentation Correction
CO2 laser treatments target pigmentation concerns, diminishing sunspots, age spots, and uneven skin tone, resulting in a more uniform complexion.

Our Procedure

Step 1


Engage in a thorough CO2 laser treatment consultation at ATIK Medical Aesthetics, where our experts analyze your skin concerns and craft a personalized plan for rejuvenation and enhancement.
Step 1

Step 2


Prepare for CO2 laser treatment at ATIK Medical Aesthetics with simple steps ensuring optimal results. This involves prepping the skin for the procedure to create an ideal canvas for effective treatment.
Step 2

Step 3


Experience precise CO2 laser application at ATIK Medical Aesthetics, where our skilled professionals tailor the treatment, creating microscopic channels for collagen stimulation and effective skin rejuvenation.
Step 3

Step 4


Follow ATIK Medical Aesthetics’ simple aftercare instructions post-CO2 laser treatment for swift recovery and enhanced result longevity. Our minimal downtime approach allows you to quickly resume daily activities with renewed confidence in your rejuvenated skin.
Step 4

See The Results

Revel in the transformative results of CO2 laser treatment at ATIK Medical Aesthetics, experiencing improved skin texture, diminished wrinkles, and a more uniform complexion with a radiant, rejuvenated appearance.
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120 mins



100 mins



145 mins



25 mins

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