Dermal Fillers

At ATIK Medical Aesthetics, we present a curated selection of premium dermal fillers, including renowned brands such as Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Maili, Radiesse, and Teosyal. These top-tier fillers are skillfully employed to deliver personalized, non-surgical cosmetic enhancements.


Immediatley Procedure Time

Procedure Time

From 30 Minutes


Up to 18 months


No Downtime


From £400


Dermal Fillers


Elevate Your Confidence with the Best Derma Peel in London

Instant Results
Instantly boost your look with results that naturally complement your features.
Each treatment is crafted to honor your unique beauty aspirations.
No Downtime
Enjoy a swift, 30-minute session with zero downtime involved.

Our Procedure

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At ATIK Medical Aesthetics, your journey to a refined appearance starts with a thorough consultation. This is the moment where we delve into your aspirations and assess the areas you wish to enhance.
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For optimal results and to minimize the likelihood of bruising, we recommend avoiding blood-thinning agents like aspirin and abstaining from alcohol in the days leading up to your dermal filler treatment.
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Step 3


At ATIK Medical Aesthetics, our skilled practitioners employ fine needles to delicately infuse Hyaluronic Acid into the targeted areas, expertly sculpting your desired look. The process is typically swift
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Step 4


For optimal results, post-treatment care is crucial. While some redness and swelling are common, these effects should diminish swiftly. We recommend refraining from vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours and shielding the treated areas from direct sunlight.
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Lip Augmentation Techniques

Lip Flip

A lip flip is a non-invasive technique that involves injecting a small amount of Botox into the upper lip. This technique can help to give the appearance of a fuller upper lip.

Lip Filler Cannula

A lip filler cannula is a technique used to administer lip fillers that involves using a small, blunt-tipped needle instead of a sharp one. This technique can help to reduce the risk of bruising and swelling and can also provide more precise results.

Cupid Lip

This non-invasive procedure is specifically designed to enhance the shape and volume of your lips to create a stunning and defined Cupid’s bow. Using a hyaluronic acid-based filler, this technique adds fullness to your lips, while also creating a pre

See The Results

At our clinic, we are committed to providing our clients with natural-looking results. We will work with you to achieve a look that enhances your natural beauty and complements your features.
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