At ATIK Medical Aesthetics, our personalized Glutathione therapy enhances skin, boosts the immune system, and promotes overall well-being gently and non-invasively. This treatment, tailored to your needs, goes beyond skin improvement, nurturing your body at a cellular level for a radiant complexion and a stronger, healthier you.


6 Weeks

Procedure Time

From 15 Minutes


Up to 36 months


No Downtime


From £120




Holistic Well-Being with Glutathione at ATIK

Skin Radiance
Glutathione therapy at ATIK enhances skin, fostering a radiant complexion and addressing various skin concerns for a revitalized appearance.
Immune Strengthening
The treatment contributes to immune system reinforcement, promoting overall well-being and resilience against external stressors.
Holistic Well-Being
Beyond skin improvement, ATIK’s Glutathione treatment nurtures the body at a cellular level, reflecting on the outside with enhanced vitality, contributing to a stronger, healthier body.

Our Procedure

Step 1


Explore radiant skin, a fortified immune system, and holistic wellness goals with ATIK Medical Aesthetics. In our consultation, skilled aestheticians discuss personalized glutathione benefits, tailored antioxidant properties, and address your queries.
Step 1

Step 2


ATIK Medical Aesthetics’ adept practitioners sculpt a refined chin and jawline with precise dermal filler administration, enhancing your facial contours. This swift 30-minute procedure ensures immediate, minimally discomforting results.
Step 2

Step 3


In a serene ambiance, ATIK Medical Aesthetics’ expert practitioners deliver the glutathione treatment in just over 15 minutes. Every step is meticulously executed, ensuring a tailored, efficient procedure that aligns with your wellness goals for effective and gratifying results.
Step 3

Step 4


Sustain the antioxidant benefits of glutathione by maintaining a balanced diet and adequate hydration. Post-treatment, it’s advised to minimize sun exposure and incorporate sunscreen into your skincare routine to preserve and enhance the long-term benefits, ensuring a healthy, radiant complexion.
Step 4

Glutathione Techniques

Personalized Formulation

Crafted to meet individual needs, ATIK's Glutathione therapy involves a personalized blend to ensure optimal results for each client.

Intravenous Delivery

Administered through a non-invasive IV, Glutathione is gently introduced into the body, promoting effective absorption for maximum impact.

Cellular Nourishment

ATIK's Glutathione techniques focus on nurturing the body at a cellular level, promoting comprehensive well-being and reflecting in skin radiance.

See The Results

Experience the extensive benefits of Glutathione at ATIK Medical Aesthetics, from revitalizing skin to strengthening the immune system. Our personalized regimens embody modern advancements, promoting holistic well-being for rejuvenated skin and a healthier body.
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Single Glutathione Push


1200 mg

Double Glutathione Push


2400 mg

Single Skin Brightening


incl Glutathione push + Vit c)

To Add Glutathione Push


20 mins

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