Vitamin Drip

In the fast lane of life, rejuvenate with ATIK Medical Aesthetics’ custom IV vitamin drips. Tailored to combat a hectic lifestyle, these infusions deliver vital nutrients directly into your bloodstream, ensuring immediate absorption and a profound impact on your well-being.



Procedure Time

From 20 Minutes


Up to 1 month


No Downtime


From £150


Vitamin Drip


Nourishing Your Body, Energizing Your Life

Customized Wellness Solutions
ATIK’s vitamin drips are personalized to address individual wellness needs, providing a tailored infusion of essential nutrients for a targeted boost.
Immediate Impact
By delivering a concentrated blend of vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream, ATIK’s vitamin drip techniques ensure immediate absorption, promoting instant revitalization.
Fast-Track to Well-Being
Navigate the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle with ATIK’s vitamin drips, countering the effects of a hectic routine and promoting overall well-being through precision-formulated infusions.

Our Procedure

Step 1


Embark on a vitality journey at ATIK Medical Aesthetics through a personalized consultation. Our wellness experts tailor a unique vitamin drip regimen, aligning seamlessly with your lifestyle and health goals for a transformative wellness experience.
Step 1

Step 2


Arrive hydrated and nourished for a revitalizing experience at ATIK Medical Aesthetics. Optimal preparation ensures your body absorbs the full spectrum of nutrients during IV therapy for enhanced comfort and efficacy.
Step 2

Step 3


Indulge in serenity during your personalized IV drip session at ATIK Medical Aesthetics. Lasting 20 to 60 minutes, our comfortable clinic setting lets you unwind as our skilled practitioners effortlessly administer a potent blend of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. Relax and feel the immediate effects of this swift and soothing treatment.
Step 3

Step 4


Step seamlessly back into your day post-treatment at ATIK Medical Aesthetics, with no downtime. Enhance and prolong the revitalizing effects by staying well-hydrated, a simple but crucial aftercare step for enduring refreshment and energy.
Step 4

Vitamin Techniques

Personalized Formulation

Crafted by ATIK Medical Aesthetics, each vitamin drip is meticulously tailored to meet individual needs, addressing specific wellness concerns.

Intravenous Precision

Our techniques ensure the direct introduction of a concentrated blend of essential nutrients into the bloodstream, optimizing absorption for immediate impact.

Targeted Well-Being

Navigate the demands of a fast-paced life with our vitamin drips, designed to counteract the effects of a hectic lifestyle and promote overall well-being.

See The Results

Elevate your vitality with ATIK Medical Aesthetics’ custom IV vitamin drips, providing an immediate energy boost and fortifying your immune response. Clients often report sustained benefits, including increased alertness, elevated mood, and a strengthened immune system for up to a month, making it a vital nutritional support for your busy lifestyle.
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Our IV Vitamin Drips

Pure Immune


Our unique combination of IV Fluids, Vitamins, & Minerals helps detox your body, boost your immune system, and fight off all types of infections.

Pure Super Immune


IV Fluids, Vitamins & Minerals enhanced with High Dose Vitamin C and Taurine in addition to Glutathione to help detox your body, boost your immune system, and replenish you.

Pure De-Fatigue


A special blend of Vitamins, Electrolytes, and IV fluids combined in a special mixture to increase your energy levels, combat fatigue, and improve your overall performance, health, and well-being.

Pure Lose-Me


Combining our Pure De-Stress and Pure De-Fatigue formulas with an Intramuscular injection of lipoatrophic nutrients including Methionine, Inositol, and Choline(MIC).May enhance your body’s ability to target and metabolize fat, removing it from your body.

Pure De-Stres


A special combination of calming and regenerative micro nutrients that reduces your stress response and promotes deep restful sleep.

Pure Hydration (Hangover Relief)


After a night of fun, we offer a special blend of nutrients to help you recover and get on the go again.

Pure Plus


Supports faster muscle healing, reduces inflammation, combats fatigue, and boosts your immune system to improve your overall performance and a speedy recovery after a work out or illness.

Pure Beauty


Our blend of nutrients helps improve your cardio vascular system and increases blood supply to your skin, hair, and nails.

Pure Brain


A special blend of Vitamins, Electrolytes, and IV fluids will help improve your mental state, boost your memory, and think more clearly.

Our Specialized IV Drips

Pure NAD

$220 up to $385

A special blend of Vitamins, Electrolytes, and IV fluids will help improve your mental state, boost your memory, and think more clearly.

Pure Chelation


EDTA chelation is a therapy consisting of repeated administrations of a weak synthetic amino acid (EDTA, ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) to gradually reduce atherosclerotic plaque and other mineral deposits throughout the cardio vascular system.

Intramuscular Injection Additions


Pure MIC Skinny Shot-$20.00
Pure B-12-$35.00
Pure MIC-B(MICShot+B12)-$45.00
Pure Vitamin D3-$50.0

IV Therapy Additions

Pure Biotin


Taurine helps heart function, decrease cholesterol, improve athletic performance, enhance blood sugar utilization, and boost energy.

Pure Vitamin C


Vitamin C is powerful antioxidant which supports immune function, helps synthesize Collagen, promotes wound healing, and may help prevent heart disease, as well as prevent muscular degeneration. High dose Vitamin C is also used to treat cancer.

Pure Glutathione

$65 to 110

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent that protects your cells against free radicals damage.

Pure Taurine


Helps the body convert food into energy, improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails as well as help you manage blood sugar levels.

Pure B-12


Helps red blood cell formation, prevents anemia, and boosts energy as well as improving the health of your hair, and skin.

Pure Mag


Magnesium aids memory loss, heart disease, male infertility, diabetes, sleep disorders, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, skin infections, and most importantly, help with energy production.

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